Mary Spears works in a variety of printmaking techniques from photopolymer etching to
monoprints to woodblock printing. Each of these prints is pulled by the artist individually.
Depending on the type of plate created and the desired effect, the print will be worked by hand
using a barren or run through a crank-style press one at a time. The editions vary from her
botanical prints pulled by hand using a barren and done in black ink to the Slippahs prints
which are an edition varee using three blocks and endless color and chine colle variations.
Read the detailed information on each print to learn more about the specific piece you are interested in.

Original Woodblock Prints in a limited edition series of 50.
see Aloha Shirts

These colorful Slippahs are Original Woodblock Prints in an Edition Varee of 100.
see Slippahs



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